Reliable remote monitoring and administration thanks to cutting-edge technologies

We help our clients operate more efficiently, safely and smoothly thanks to innovative automation and digitalization technologies. We are your technology partner from the initial idea through the development to the implementation of the solution.

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Automatic reception

Automatic reception

The electronic receptionist (e-Reception) will automate and streamline the existing reception or entrance to the premises. It can fully or partially replace the usual reception processes such as checking in and identifying visitors, maintaining attendance books, video linking with people inside the building, issuing entry cards or generating QR codes.

Automatic gatehouse

Automatic gatehouse

Save on costs and ensure greater efficiency with automated site access control.

Security technologies

Security technologies

We can help protect your facilities and the assets entrusted to you. We provide comprehensive security solutions for projects and completed buildings – from needs and risk analysis to the design of technological solutions and turnkey implementation.

What they are saying about us

“With INNOVIS, I know how many people come to our showrooms and I can change business and marketing strategies based on a lot of data. This then helps us not only with those strategies, but also with the layout of the showrooms, for example.”

Auto Palace

“We have been working with M2C since 2013 and we are satisfied with their services. We highly appreciate the professional approach of its employees and the high quality of services provided. The SPACE service from INNOVIS remotely supervises our supermarkets and hypermarkets and helps to increase savings and reduce losses for the company. We can highly recommend the SPACE service.”

Albert ČR s.r.o.

“The fact that we have been working together for nearly 20 years is a testament to our satisfaction with M2C’s services. At Foxconn, we pride ourselves on an individual approach and good communication, we also value speed and quality of service. The company provides us with security, facility management and complex technical building management services. Experts from INNOVIS have automated some of our processes, which now contribute to saving us time and money. We wish you many more satisfied customers in the future and we are happy to be in the same boat.”


“Innovis are the cutting edge of proptech innovation for people-centric places, from malls to airports and beyond. Innovis are collaborating with owners, operators and asset managers in order to optimise technology and deliver smart spaces though the efficiency of Ai.”

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Prick up your ears. Innovis and JALUD are strengthening security at the Central Military Hospital in Prague

Prick up your ears. Innovis and JALUD are strengthening security at the Central Military Hospital in Prague

Until now, we have been guarding the safety of clients through cameras and image analysis. If something shady starts happening with the clients, we will now hear it too. Innovators JALUD Embedded from Pilsen, developers of SED sound detectors, have become our partners and we have confirmed the alliance by strengthening the security system at the Central Military Hospital in Prague’s Střešovice. We have cleverly installed detectors throughout the

Innovis a proud member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic

Innovis a proud member of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic

Part of a unique platform We have just opened a new chapter in our journey, and this time our imaginary compass has led us to the cold North. Innovis has become a proud member of the unique platform of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic, and we would like to express our gratitude for being welcomed! Supporting innovation, sustainability, and international cooperation, which are in our DNA, are also the cornerstones

e-Reception welcomes visitors in Shopping Palace Zlaté Piesky

e-Reception welcomes visitors in Shopping Palace Zlaté Piesky

When qualified people are rare, just employ an electronic receptionist The Bratislava shopping center had long been lacking skilled receptionists with excellent qualifications for its office spaces. Simply put, they were not available on the job market. This led to high staff turnover and poor service operations. MVGM Property Management Slovakia, which manages the building, asked us to thoroughly assess the situation.

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