Car dealerships

We can help you take the effectiveness of your dealership’s sales and marketing strategies to the next level. With accurate visitor behaviour analysis, advanced safety technologies and enhanced customer experience, your showrooms will run like a well-tuned engine.

30 %

typical annual cost savings

20 %

improved efficiency of showroom space utilisation

30 +

years of experience in the market

you can rely on

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Protect your business with cutting-edge technology. We provide you with cost-effective, 24/7 remote monitoring.

Data on attendance and movement of people

Data on attendance and movement of people

Get clear, accurate and clearly processed demographic data about your store visitors with detailed analysis.

Security technologies

Security technologies

We can help protect your facilities and the assets entrusted to you. We provide comprehensive security solutions for projects and completed buildings – from needs and risk analysis to the design of technological solutions and turnkey implementation.

What our experts say

“The experience of our automotive customers clearly shows that precise analytical work with data can completely transform the entire showroom. This data on customer and staff behaviour patterns helps to optimise the use of space and processes. The result is increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Kateřina Kulíšková | Business Development Coordinator

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